Sadie Mae | 6 months

No weekend would be complete without a little Sadie Mae love...for those of you on facebook this is old news. However, I know some of you who read the blog aren't facebookers so here we go. Sweet Sadie Mae at 6 months weighing 11lbs, posing in her crib. She's still not rolling over or sitting up on her own, but she for sure is getting sweeter and sweeter. Her tummy issues have pretty much worked their way out thanks to soy and a little karo syrup every now and again which makes for a much happier baby...unless she's fighting sleep. Can't blame her for fighting, that is most likely what kept her alive at such an early arrival!Oh and what about those warm days we had last week! So nice! Made me wish for summertime. We are REALLY tired of being stuck in the house so much. Thanks to the warmth we got the chance to try out Sadie Mae's new tree swing. She really liked it, but wasn't too sure about the bright light and bit of wind. This didn't last long but was sure cute while it did!Her new sassy look, the middle pic, my favorite. So much a favorite I turned it b/w and printed it big for our room...been waiting on some sweet b/w to dress up some shelves in our room, this is a great start. Look at this face! Her model pucker and smiling with her eyes. She's been watching too much America's Next Top Model with her mommy...I watch it for the photo shoots, promise.