Gallery Show Information

I am soooooooo happy to announce the location of the Angels Among Us gallery show. There's lots of information coming in the next blog post tomorrow, the voting post, so I wanted to get this information out first. The Artist Loft in downtown Seneca has graciously opened their gallery space for your kiddos! They, like me, have a passion for art and community. I am beyond excited to partner with them for this special charity event to benefit the Foothills Pregnancy Care Center! Details below. Please, please, please mark your calendars and plan to attend. This will be a very special celebration of art, community, and children.

Show Dates: Opening night, March 19th downtown-go-around kickoff, 5:30-8:30. The gallery will hang (be open for visitors) until May! Your child's portrait hanging in an art show for almost 2 awesome is that?? What a compliment to all your beautiful children and what a great way to introduce your child to the art community!

Other show information: Every child will have a print hanging in the gallery show. Gallery prints will be available for purchase, proceeds to benefit the Foothills Pregnancy Care Center. Come out and bring your friends for a very special night. Calendar kids will be announced and other awards presented, probably not in a formal presentation, but by me at some point during the night. There will be lots of other visitors as this is a very special night for the downtown area of Seneca. Refreshments will be served. Location of the Loft is the street across from the Ye Ole Sandwich Shoppe, look for the purple door.

If you have questions about the show please contact me, here on the blog or email me at

WOOHOO! I've got lots to do!!! Be looking for a special email from me today. I need information from each participant asap!

OH, voting opens tomorrow and will be open for one week...get those pennies together! All how-to voting info will be posted with tomorrow's post.