No one told me...

Let me say first, I am being VERY transparent. I have been from the beginning and think it's very important because what we've gone through and are still going through might just help someone else. When you have a child there's many times you think, "no one told me about this." I've been having one of those moments.

We are SO grateful that Sadie Mae has been doing so well. Her doctor checkups have been great, she's gaining weight, she's stayed well (knock on wood), her physical therapist say she's on target and doing what she should be, BUT there's one issue...

Here's the deal. Sadie Mae is so sensitive to strangers and crowds. I know every kid is different and lots of kids don't like strangers, but this is really on another level. Serious. We can hardly go anywhere without her falling to pieces. She has JUST NOW gotten used to going to my Mom's on Tuesdays (something she's been doing for months) and still she has bad days with her. Having said this, I can also say that I've recently seen some definite improvements.

So all this time I've been thinking I was going crazy and she was just being difficult, but breathed a deep sigh of relief after chatting with another NICU mommy (you know who you are). A sigh of relief so big, I cried. I'm not going crazy. She is normal. She needs time to develop socially just like she needs time to develop physically. In her time she'll adjust. It's nothing we've done.

This issue might not be so hard if we didn't love for people to love on her. It's so frustrating because we want people to enjoy her like we do at home.

Anyway here's my thing. I wanted a big celebration for her dedication, posted about that earlier. I've been waiting for her to fit in her dress...BUT I'm second guessing. I wanted a big birthday party for her where everyone that's prayed and helped us could come....BUT I'm second guessing. Just thinking about her and what's best for her. Would she really have a good time? Would she just be overwhelmed and exhausted? I'm rethinking and regrouping. Maybe I'll have a better idea of what to do in a few more months as I see how she continues to adjust.

So, since the pediatrician won't tell you...and the therapist won't tell you...I will. Your preemie baby may have issues adjusting socially, from my personal experience only. Don't worry! It's normal! Have patience. Give lots of love. Trust your instinct. Do what YOU know is best.

Honestly. It's intense. I can see her whole demeanor (hope I spelled that right) change when we get home. It's like a breath of fresh air for her. She needs home, something familiar right now, and that's OK. Really I know now, it's OK.