You guys have some crazy girls! Here's a few outtakes....I'm tellin' ya, these outtakes and some others are pretty darn cute, and might just make it into the voting arena! Really I want to say, I've quickly browsed the sessions that I've done so far...all 1000 images...and you guys have some BEAUTIFUL children. I'm not buttering you up for nutin'! Honestly. I'm just blown away and wondering how will I ever make the decisions I have to make for the contest! This has really been one of the most fun things I have EVER done, and I've gotten some images that I LOVE more than anything I've ever shot. Maybe it's the meaning behind it all, maybe it's the charity foundation of it all...I don't know. I think it's just your giving hearts, or maybe your children's laughter...thank you, already. I feel like I could cry.  OH, and happy Valentines day!