Sweet Sweet Garrett

Oh I love my bestie's little boy. Although, we don't see each other or talk as much as I would like, we are both busy gals...I love when I get the chance. Garrett and Sadie Mae were due not even a month apart...but being the sassy girl that she is, she had to show him up with an early arrival. Garrett's mom was such a dear friend to me during our stay in Greenville. She is honestly one of the MOST thoughtful people I know. It's been so much fun too working with her in business. Her, Hullabaloo Events, and I are teaming up on TWO more weddings this year, and we are so excited! I've also got her working on a special wedding blog post that we will hopefully share soon, from an event planner's point of view! So here we are...this preview is really late...her pics are supposed to be online already, but I've been so consumed with getting this charity event off the ground. Thankfully, she understands...I hope...they'll be worth the wait, promise! So here you are, a couple of my quick favs!