The Mountain | A Family

The mountain is great for family sessions...not just bridal...although it does make for some kickin' bridal portraits! I've been wanting to photograph a family up there forever. So, this session had a two-fold purpose. These guys needed family portraits for a special cause, and I wanted family portraits to hang in the remodeled studio, which by the way lots of you saw the "in progress" lobby when you came for angel portraits, sorry for the mess! Anyway, I gave Heidi an idea of what was in my head and she ran with it, picking out the cutest outfits! I swanny I need to hire her as a stylist for my clients. Little did I know how perfect her outfits really were until I started editing the photos. The yellow, with the yellow grass, red with the warm sunset, it really could not have been any better! Here's the gallery wrap composite, or something of the sort, that will hang on my lobby wall eventually. Isn't this great?!