Evening Routine

We've fallin' into a routine with Sadie Mae for sure. She knows when daddy gets home it's play time in the floor. The therapist says this is the best exercise for her, tummy time, so that's what we try to do often. She is liking her tummy more and more these days, and she's getting quite animated...as if she hasn't been from the start. I remember in the NICU she smiled soooo much, then we got home and the smile turned into a cry. I think, hopefully, the crying is over and the smiles are back. I treasure these photos, because this is so their relationship right now. This one is Scott's favorite. She found his beard and she loves it! When she's sleepy and he's rocking her she slaps at it, partly because she can't quite control her hands yet...oh but just wait...one day it will be painful. She's such a Daddy's girl.