Gallery Show Info | Mark Your Calendar | Next Friday

Everything you need to know about Your Angels: Please Take A Minute To Read Gallery show opening night next FRIDAY, the 19th, from 5:30-8:30! 25% of each gallery show piece sold will go towards the pregnancy care center this night only, you will also find out who made the calendar! I will also be at the Artist Loft on that Sat, the 20th, from 10-2. The Artists' Loft is across from the Ye Ole Sandwich Shoppe, look for the purple door.

Your gallery show piece: I'm really excited about the pieces for the show. Each print is a new product only offered for this show! Just so you have a heads up, depending on the size your piece was printed it will be in the range of $155-$275. Again, these pieces need no framing they are ready to hang on your walls. You must wait until the gallery show is over before picking up your prints, which will be mid-May. Pretty cool that your children get to hang in a running art show for 2 months! ONLY for those of you with multiple prints (children) you can do half the amount at the opening night and the other half when you pick your piece up in May. I want all of you guys to have the opportunity to purchase if you would like.

For those of you who may not have been to a gallery show before. Each piece hanging will have a label under it, with the name of the piece and the price. To purchase a piece you will go to the counter and tell them which you'd like to buy.

The Calendar: Calendars will be available the opening night as well. I am printing 20 for the first run. ALL of these proceeds (minus the cost to print) will go towards the pregnancy care center. If they sell out, I will be taking orders for additional printing. Calendars will be $15 each and the dates are blank, so you can fill it in, that way the calendar has no expiration.

Because of the craziness of the downtown-go-around there will be no formal announcements/speeches. However, everything you need to know about the awards will be printed in a program, make sure you get one!

Ordering Online: Online ordering will be open until the end of March the 31st, in the same place that your images are viewable now. All online orders will receive 25% off. Once the gallery expires there will be a $100 minimum order required. I will be in the office on Tuesday the 23rd for studio orders. If you need to order in the studio this is the day to do it, contact me to set up a time.

Facebook: Many of you have asked about an image for your facebook profile. I will upload all at once after the gallery show.

Hope I've addressed all of your questions. If you have other questions or concerns please feel free to email me!

Fun Night Idea: Some Moms are making this a very special night by taking their child(ren) out to eat somewhere nice that afternoon, then coming over to the show. This is a GREAT idea of how to make it fun and special for your child. Also, the Blue Ridge Arts Center is opening a student show that same night at their location. This is a great opportunity to introduce your children to the arts! Both the Artists' Loft and the Blue Ridge Arts Center are working to make this a great family night!