Our Family Portraits

I'm so lucky to have so many friends...and even family, who are photographers! Although I know I must be the hardest client EVER! I try not to give my input, but I'm so particular about what I want it's hard. Lucky that they hand me over the raw files to do what I want, too! These photographs were taken by my friend, Chase Todd, he assists me some with weddings when he doesn't have one of his own. I knew he would do a great job with our photographs he knows the style I like, and I gotta say he captured it perfectly. Throw on a little bit of my textures and wah-la! Magic! Gotta say a few words about the orchard. It's in Long Creek and belongs to a dear friend, Reba. I'm so grateful that she let us invade her orchard, this area is very sentimental to me, where my grandparents live, where my Dad's family is from. It's so beautiful up there, gorgeous blue ridge mountain views and the Chattooga River...have I mentioned lately that we are so incredibly lucky to live where we do!

So, now I'm officially part of the "I cried when I looked at the pics" club. Yep, parents say that to me all the time. I never knew how they felt until now. This was a great end to a crazy week...battling Sadie's fevers and teething ordeals... *sigh*Btw, if you would like photographs in the orchard while the trees are in bloom, they won't stay like this for long! Email me NOW. I'm sure we can work something out with Reba for your family too!