$3000.00 to FPCC

Kinda sad this is all coming to an end, the Angels Among Us project. I took the gallery down last night and we met to give the big check to Marly at the Foothills Pregnancy Care Center. Very unplanned, but so fitting, we were able to present these monies on Mother's Day weekend to a center who invests in the lives of so many mothers! I was fashionably late of course. We've been having a horrible time here at home, me and Sadie Mae both have been so sick. I haven't felt this sick in a really long time. Strep is definitely no fun, with a mix of sinus issues and an ear ache. Sadie Mae also has an ear infection and she's teething too which doesn't make for a very happy baby. So anyway, I was surprised to even be up and dressed yesterday let alone make it to the Loft...but it happened, finally. There is a sense of relief, you know the kind you have when you complete a goal or a project. You guys have seriously made this one of the most rewarding projects/photography I've ever done. Your giving hearts are just amazing. Who said the world was so bad...from what I see, it's really good. I see generosity, community, and love.

A note about the calendars: I'm trying to not get too excited that a proof is due to arrive to me on Tuesday. There has been a huge learning curve with these calendars. Now I know what and how to do, so next time hopefully not so delayed. If the proof is acceptable they will finally begin printing this week...100 calendars, woohoo! If this happens they will be finished the following and mailed to me. Promise I'll let you guys know as soon as they're ready...hoping this proof knocks my socks off, so I can wrap this up completely. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks to those who made it out on such short notice! Oh, and thanks to O'Malley's mom, Meredith, for being the stand in photographer, I think she did great! Happy Mother's day everyone!

Photo: Front:Kate Findley, Rowan Ogg, Wren Davis, O'Malley Bannister, Joshua Solorio. Back: Tiffiney Addis, Lisa Kiser, Allie Findley, Heather Findley, Marly Ellenburg, Lane O'Dell, Christy Whitfield, Brylee Whitfield.