Decorating with Portraits

Not long ago I posted a series about decorating with portraits. Just thought I would share my own experience. You guys saw my bedroom, post here. Now, here is our mantle from our spring session in the apple orchard. I hear so often the words, "it's so hard to choose." I agree it is hard to choose, that's why lots of smaller prints often make more sense. In my opinion, only my opinion, the days of one huge print are gone. Unless you have large walls, and want to make a specific statement. I do have a large print of my bridal portrait, when I get it situated I will share. However, our house doesn't have high ceilings or large walls so a collage of smaller prints works best.

I don't know...maybe I work backward or something, but I think it's a great idea to purchase frames first. Or at least one frame that you can work off of. I had purchased the big thick largest frame first. Then just went about the store after our portraits and picked up frames to match in other sizes, depending on the prints I wanted to hang. So, there you have it. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Grab some flowers from the flower bed, a couple of flameless candles, and presto a beautiful story.