Mommy Monday

Monday's blogs are for Mommies...and Daddies too..."Mommy" just works with "Monday." I could do Father Friday's but there's not THAT many Dad's interested in my blog, I don't think. So on Monday's I'll be sharing my thoughts as a MOM. Weird I can say that now. Never thought that day would come. God is good, for sure. If you're hoping to be a Mommy one day. Keep your chin up!

So, yesterday was coupon clipping day and I've spent a few minutes today organizing and searching where I might get the best deal. Here's some deals I've found so far.

Walgreens has batteries on sale, and I have LOTS of weddings coming up, so this is just perfect! It's the good ones too, the Energizer rechargeable. They're $7.99, combined with my manufacture's coupon I save another $1. Don't think I won't do three different transactions to get this deal. Ha! I might just turn into that gal you hate to get behind in the checkout line.

Just in time for grilling season, Weber spice/marinade is on sale at ingles for like .98 or something, with my manufacturer's coupon from Sunday's paper, I save a dollar...which means it's free folks! Also, Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce, love it! It's on sale at Walmart for 2 bucks! With my $1 off coupon from Sunday's paper, it's only $1!

So now baby products...some of you may know, I don't do Huggies diapers, but I LOVE their wipes. They're much thicker than Pampers. Huggies has some great coupons lately. I'm planning to save lots on them at Target by combining the Target coupons I have for $1 or more off, with manufacturer's coupons of $2 or more off for some really great savings. Now, if only I could find great coupons for baby formula! If any of you guys know of any please do share. The only one I've seen recently is a Walgreens coupon for $22.99 for a 23.4oz can.

Of course there's lots of other great deals to be had. Make sure you check out that source I gave you a few blogs ago. It's very helpful, Also, just found a great resource on that site, a coupon database. This is most helpful to make sure you have as many coupons as possible for what you're planning to purchase. Just so you know, Target also has a coupon section on their website.

One other topic: vaccinations. Yes, that has been a hot topic with me. I HATE them. Sadie has her vaccinations, but I am so second guessing if we have another... However, there was a pretty informative article in the May issue of Parents (national magazine). I'm not saying it's the gospel or that I totally agree, but they made some good points on the side of vaccination. Ahh, the things to consider when being a Mom. It's tougher than it looks.

Happy Mommy Monday!

Oh, and don't think I didn't take that little online survey from Banana Republic so I can save 15% on my next shopping trip! I've got weddings to dress for...