Resourceful...not cheap.

I'm talking about saving money in one place so you can spend it in another! What's the one place we really SHOULD be saving money...groceries! There are so many coupons and specials when it comes to groceries, we really should take advantage. Besides when we save in one place, that allows us to spend in another more meaningful on portraits! Seriously, I would think this even if I didn't own a studio, portraits are part of your legacy. It's one of the only physical representations of yourself left when you're gone. It documents community, heritage, be passed on to other generations. I LOVE my grandmother's house. Pictures, pictures, pictures! I video taped her once telling who all the people in the pictures on her walls are, something I know I'll cherish years down the road. So, back to how to save on groceries. I'm sure you've heard of the coupon craze. People getting $100 of groceries for just pennies. Yep, some are really dedicated and have it down to an art. I'm not that good, yet! I WOULD like to say even saving just a little helps a lot. Here's one website that I LOVE. Click the image above to go to the website. Then scroll down a bit and click the store of your choice, in the box on the right, to see that store's specials for the week. Love, love, love this! Gives me a bit of direction. Helps narrow my search for where to get the best deal for the stores that are closest to me. From here you can also click into coupon sites that are absolutely free! The great coupon-ers stack coupons. Also, lots of stores double coupons up to a certain amount. Blooms every now and then will double up to a dollar, but they don't all the time. I think Bi-Lo doubles on Wednesday, and Ingles doubles up to .50 every day.

Also, what I love about this site is it's not just about groceries...I just bought some note cards personalized for gifts, for next to nothing, 60% off, at... thanks to the referral from MoneySaving Mom! Oh, and I got 80 cute labels that say, "a gift from sadie mae" for only $5...can't wait to use these on gifts at birthday parties!

One other BIG savings I recently experienced was a referral from Mary Catherine, thanks girl, to a website called Coastal Contacts. No joke, I've been wearing broke glasses for probably 2 years now. When I say broke, I mean the sides were totally gone, they just sat delicately on my nose. You should have seen Sadie Mae look at me like I was crazy when I had them on! It's awful but I only wore them at night so I could NOT see spending $200 on a new pair. So at Coastal I browsed around and found a pair for $60! What a savings!!! That included the lenses too. There are some even cheaper, like for $20. Crazy! Now, if I could ONLY find a cheap dentist. Just kidding! Really, I sure hope they don't change my prescription at my next checkup, but then again if they do, I could afford another pair!

So, set out to save some money. You may find it's easier than you thought. Then call me when you do...for an appointment. Ha!

If you have some great money saving sites that you love, please share with us in the comments. | South Carolina Photographer