Mommy Monday!

It's Mommy monday! Special shout out to mommy-to-be,  Susan, for sending over some Good Start coupons! Awesome. Thanks so much!! Gotta say, I was a bit disappointed in last week's coupon insert. Very skimpy. So skimpy I returned back to the store thinking that I got a paper that someone swiped the coupons from, haha! Forgot to pick up my paper yesterday, I was in recovery mode from the wedding this weekend, all I could think about was a nap. However, I must say that I'm not sore hardly at all, which is very rare. I'm attributing it to the 2-3 miles I've been walking the past couple of weeks, every other day or so. It doesn't take much...a little exercise goes a long way! Anyway, I mentioned I wanted to share a few of my FAVORITE things. These are things that I wouldn't want to live without, although, I probably could. Things that I think should be on every baby registry, along with a portrait registry of course...which, by the way, I now offer!

A jogging stroller, a MUST. A purchase much better than the car seat/stroller combo. It's so much easier to handle, easy to push with just one hand. Just feels awesome. It will make you want to run!

Next, the portable high chair. Loving this little jewel. A friend told me about this but I just never got around to getting one. Thankfully a week or so ago we got one passed down to us! It's really great, but doesn't fit on all tables (mostly not on fancy home dining tables), but for dining out and campsites, perfect! No more sticky wooden high chairs with all those germs. There's one other portable seat I came across while looking for a picture to post of the one above that I think might be neat to try too...anyone have experience with this one?

Lastly the baby yoga dvd. I was on the hunt for one of these and finally found one at Target. It's put out by Parents magazine. I'm in love with it! It has small workouts for mommy and baby. It also has a baby massage section great for calming baby before bedtime and also helps with baby's digestion. Sadie LOVES it. Wish I had found this sooner!

So there you have it. A few of my favorite things. If there's something you just can't live without...maybe something that's been a lifesaver or just made life easier...please share!

I can't leave without sharing a snip-it of Sadie Mae trying to crawl. She is so close! It's so cute. She works so hard. It won't be long now and I'll be chasing her around the house...time to invest in baby gates!

Next Mommy Monday: Sadie's first bday plans!