Mommy Monday!

So this could be considered a bit overboard, but really... it's her first, I'm entitled! I cannot believe it's already here. Sadie Mae's first birthday. It does seem like just yesterday we were living in Greenville going to the NICU every day. Gosh I'm glad those days are over, but I wouldn't do one single thing different. Everything happened for a reason, and worked out the way it did for a reason. So, shall I start with the invites. I did buy some that I'm sending to adults, but the kiddos get these cute lollipop invites. I'm in LOVE with acrylic stamps. Who knew stamping could be so easy. Love, love, love! A stamp and a little glitter gel pen goes a long way.

I did a few different stamps for the front. I couldn't decide on which I liked best!

The inside...I blocked out the info. Sorry I don't know who is reading this on the blog or facebook...had a strange feeling, weird because I normally never give things like this a second thought. Also, I have a misspell. Caught this but after I had taken the picture and forgot to retake.

Finally, a few finished grouped together, aren't they cute as pie! Thanks Teresa at Southern Scrapbook in Seneca for the help!

Now for the rest of the decor. If you can't tell it's a CandyLand theme! Lots of lollipops and candy to be had by all! Here's a little lollipop garden I made. All you need is some florist foam, a wooden cd crate, lollipops, a little paint, and some shredded paper.Aren't these marshmallows sooooo cute! Gotta do more of these. I've seen them dipped in chocolate too, with sprinkles. Of course, no party is complete without photographs! Especially the party of a photographer's baby. These branches will not only have gumdrops hanging, but they'll have photographs hanging so we can all be reminded of how far she's come.They'll be lollipops lining the sidewalk, bamboo sticks with ribbon, a colored chalked path to the party, hanging lanterns wrapped in cellophane like candy, balloons, and candy, candy, candy...mixed in with a little fruit and cake and ice cream. Next post about the party will most likely be the actual party. Can't wait to share when it's all together, and not a work in progress! Btw, all candy will be unwrapped, I hate the look of the plastic over the pops! This is the thing that could take hours to do. I'm sure I'll be up at 5 a.m. unwrapping lollipops!Now, to keep Sadie Mae away from this table until the party...