More Graduates!

Yes, it's a sad time. A couple of years ago I had an influx of baby club signups and this is the year they all graduate! Here's sweet Hannah. Such a doll, and she loved the park!Some of my favorites are always on the bridge. The kids love it...most of them...she had a blast. Walked all the way to the middle, ran from mom and dad, and found a leaf. :) This is my favorite style of shooting. These are the images that would be plastered all over my walls, the bridge always looks great in b/w. So, there's many more, but instead of preparing them for the blog I need to be getting them online! Btw, I took a holiday on Mommy monday this week. It will return next week with a feature of a product that I just can't live without AND a sneak peek at Sadie's first birthday party plans!