Katie got a rock!

Pretty sure they're in love.

They have goo-goo eyes, I guess you could say.

You can see it plain as day.

Even Bonnie is sure it's that way...Haha! ...I've been reading too many Dr. Seuss books to Sadie Mae lately.

These two, precious! I can imagine that this, picture below, is more like "them." Daniel a biker, of the non-motorized type. Katie an artist, of the rock sculpting type (among other things). What a pair of two unique kiddos, making plans to enjoy life together. No doubt, they'll have a blast and give it a go well prepared, six years prepared to be exact. Congrats guys!

Shout out to Papa Campbell for planting the field and hauling the couch. Daddy's will do almost anything for their girls! Oh and thanks to Mom Campbell too who always makes sure I leave with sunflowers.