Mommy Monday

Oops! I totally missed Mommy Monday. I was so busy returning messages and catching up from some time at the beach. Not to mention I was half out of it...Sunday night was a LONG night. Mommy Lesson #455 - don't let your baby sleep with you while on vacation. Oh yes, we forgot the pack-in-play so Sadie Mae slept with us only over the weekend. You would think she would know that it was special circumstances and when we got back home she would go back in her crib...WRONG! Sunday night she cried for 3 hours or more, it was almost 3a.m. when I finally gave up and took her to our bed. Reason being, I started getting sick to my stomach. For real, I guess my nerves started getting the best of me. We had some other people at our house, I don't know if I was worried about keeping them up or what? Anyway, the hubs slept downstairs last night so I could work at getting her back in the crib again. All things considered, it was a success. She slept in her crib, still cried a bit, but nothing like the night before. Tonight I'm claiming to be even better. I'm not a fan of the "kid in the bed with us" deal. No way ho-say! I LOVE my sleep and that's our oasis our time without her to chill. I think parents need that for sanity at least we do anyway. Back on a beach note, we had the opportunity to take Sadie Mae and, her bff from the NICU, London's pictures together on the beach. London is just precious, so loving! Gotta share these two sweet miracles with you...

Here's a few of our pics too. We took them really quick after London's family's session. Scott took mine, I took his. Hopefully if we get to go back in a few months I can commission someone for some real portraits.

More beach previews soon!