Mommy Monday

Occasionally I'll let Sadie Mae take over my facebook status. Today she wanted to I let her. Here's my current status... mhgbvbgbmgbbbbbbbbmbmmmmmmhj5j7aXMN MEV BBBDVVVVVVVVVVV

translation: "my mom and dad took me to jacksonville. car went vroom!"

She wanted to continue her story here...

,  zewwzz2zwWDDXVV   v

3rrsssssssssssssss[=xt  ,.kl; rcw b   m  m   nnnno ./3p[' [75g]\

translation: "zoom we went, for threeeeeeeeeeee days. [= i ate a banana"

I'm pretty sure the next bit is some nutritional information about her snack. She's gonna be a smart one. I tell ya...