Mommy Monday

So what's Miss Sadie Mae into these days...everything! Here's a little snipit of her crawling. I call her an inch worm. So cute the way she drags one leg under her...hoping it's not a developmental issue. Sometimes she will crawl normal, but most of the time she gives it a go like this. She's  pulling up on everything but her legs are still not quite ready to walk. However we're thinking it might not be long, and it's possible that she would be walking by her original due date in Oct, quite ahead of our "walking (taking steps) by Christmas" goal set with the therapist.

Her favorite activity, swimming! She's like a little fish. I took an idea from one of my clients and started sitting her on the side of the pool, singing "humpty dumpty," and when I get to the end she jumps off, so sweet. Gotta take some video of this before the summer is over.

Oh, and FINALLY her hair is growing. My hope is by our trip to Disney in Oct she'll have a little hair that I can manage into a bow. Also, signed her up for the Apple Festival Pageant today. She's a southern gal, she's GOTTA be in a southern, small town festival pageant. ...she could at least win the award for the MOST southern name. Her name's got nothin' on our next little girl's name, Lucy Lou. :)

I forgot another recent advancement, she's off formula! Woohoo! I made the switch to regular milk on a whim and she's doing great with it. She is loving "real" food too, definitely an eater.

One last video of her rocking in her rocking chair given to her by her Nana Betty.