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The Wedding Planner vs The Wedding Director

Hi all!  I am FINALLY writing the guest post I promised Tiffiney ages ago.  As an event planner I wanted to pick a topic that would truly help brides-to-be (and their moms!) while planning their wedding, and man, I think I am taking it straight to the heart of the matter:  Wedding Planner vs Wedding Director.  I am guessing right about now several of you are saying to yourself, “What is the difference?  They do the same thing.”….and that is one of the greatest falsehoods in wedding planning.

Wedding Directors are there during your wedding service to make sure your bridal party, including Mothers and Fathers of the Bride and Groom, are where they're supposed to be in those moments right before your ceremony begins, during, and directly after.  They are typically members of the church where the ceremony takes place and are amazing at all things associated with what happens

Now, what does a wedding director not do?  For one, they are not responsible for the entire "day-of" wedding schedule (which may seem like a small thing, but talk to any bride about how many times they are asked when they are going to be where on their wedding day and you’ll understand the importance).  Wedding directors are not responsible for making sure the flowers are actually placed in the church at the appropriate time. They're not responsible for making sure your wedding day transportation can even find where to pick you up (and, yes, unfortunately that happens).  They are not responsible for ANYTHING at your reception, including when the catering manager quits mid-event and no one has a clue as to how the room is supposed to be set up for the reception that is scheduled to take place in a matter of hours (and, yes, that has happened too!).   Who is responsible for all of this and then some?  Your Wedding Planner.

Alison Lee | Hullabaloo Events

Thanks Ali, for the guest blog! I hope you can blog again soon! My two cents...if it's worth very much. Weddings with a planner often run much smoother. To me it's one of the first things you should book along with your venue and photography!