Mommy Monday

There's a few things that I really love about facebook. One is seeing all of your kiddos "first day of school" photos. I read in the Parents magazine that it's a good idea to take one on the first day of school and one at the last, to see how much they change over the school year. You better believe it will be routine for Sadie Mae...stand at the door, hang your bag on the door knob. Kinda like this one of me... I think this was actually field day, but I love it anyway. Styling and profiling in my visor. I sure hope it was field day, otherwise I'm not sure what my excuse would be for the visor. haha! And just to prove a point...Sadie Mae does favor me just a little...these are a few more of me. Excuse the quality. Couldn't find my scanner so I took pictures of  pictures under not so great lighting conditions.Yo Mom, what's up with the Farrah hair and glasses?...wait the Farrah hair is kinda cool. I was about 4 months here (the size of Sadie now at over a year).Me and my cousin Brianna. I'm apparently on the "go" maybe I see where Sadie gets it from now.Lastly, nothing like a good Polaroid. Btw, they're coming out with a new one, can't wait to get my hands on one! I absolutely LOVE looking back at my photographs as a child, and your kids will enjoy it one day too, so be sure to snap away!