Mommy Monday

It's 11pm. The baby fought sleep tonight. Something seemed wrong. You know how it is, when we toss and turn for hours. This was her. Babbling, laughing, squirming. She's also finding this copycat thing funny. I'll cough and she'll fake cough right after me. She's also been mocking our attempts to cheer the Tigers on. She loves to say "GO." In her own way of course. The other night she woke up saying "GO." This was the night after we watched the game...I suppose she was dreaming of our screaming. Lately when I watch her I'm overwhelmed. All the things she's trying to do. It's almost surreal.

We missed the NICU reunion. It was during the midst of our "sick" week and there was no way I was going to take our germs to all those babies! We were really looking forward to seeing the nurses and our friends. Oh well. Guess we'll just have to keep catching up via facebook and text.

Back to her issues with falling asleep tonight, guess it could be a result of her getting ready to reach a milestone. Doc says that babies sort of "fall apart" right before a big learn. We can tell she really wants to walk but keeps getting scared. I had a dream one night that she didn't start walking...she started running. Hope that wasn't prophetic. Although, I do have more weight to loose. It could be my new exercise routine, chase Sadie around the house. I know it will come soon enough. I'm not wishing these moments away.

I'm thankful for her. It's hard sometimes, but I'm thankful. I'm glad I've been blessed to be a Mom. Something I thought might not be possible.