Posh Baby Goodness

Busy as a bee, yep that's me! Still trying to get the last bit moved into the new studio. Sick for a week got me way behind. I have been shooting like a mad woman though and have sooooo enjoyed the new studio already. There's some things that I've still gotta get used to, one being managing all the light up in the loft, but I'll get the hang of it. I'm having tons of fun in the posh baby corner, on the first floor, in the studio's gallery area. The kids do so well in that spot, and the light is just lovely. Here's a sweet girl, who traveled from Florida for the Apple Festival...her mom has roots here...she was ADORABLE! This was one of those times where I should have tipped Daddy, acting like a monkey behind me, for getting a fabulous smile!I'm putting out the call NOW for a baby boy in this spot! He should be between sitting up age and not quite walking yet stage. I'm thinking a sock monkey and cute hat...boys are posh too...well, maybe I should think of another word. First one to comment here get's a free 15 minute session if you meet the BOY requirements above!