Tiffiney Baby | Recie

Oh, sweet Recie cup turns two. Boohoo, another baby graduating! I remember her very first session at their home in Columbia. Her sweet pink and green striped princess room and how sleepy she was, nothing we did woke her! To my recollection she is the only baby I've ever worked with that's been that sleepy. Oh, if they all loved slumber like that, my job would be cake! Two is by far one of my favorite ages to photograph. She was just precious, and graduated the club with lots of smiles! ...I tried my best to brainwash her one last time...but she just wouldn't say it...go Tigers!

A couple quick favorites from the Loft. Geez, I love my new studio, just in case I haven't said it enough.

How in the world I got her eyes and feet in focus during this spin, I have no clue. Guess those parts of her body were moving just a tad bit slower, although, I don't remember it as such...

And of course, a client favorite, the Posh Baby setup. Precious!!!

Congratulations Recie! You're growing up to be a sweet little Lady.