Every now and then I'll have a Mom call for a senior session. It is by far not something I consider my "specialty" but it's a really nice break from the craziness of toddlers and the stress of weddings. It's almost too easy at times. This age does need a bit more instruction but I just like to catch them as they their comfortable state of changing positions/setups/poses you'll most often hear me say STOP, STOP....that's perfect! Nate's pretty unique. I noticed right off that he had different "looks" depending on the angle. At times he would look really young, and in other moments he would look all grown up. Such a fun and transitional age. I remember my senior year. The unknown of what to do, what to be, where to go to times. Really. I enjoyed those days. I know he will too. In typical male fashion, he also wouldn't admit it, but he enjoyed the session. :)

For the record, just in case I haven't said it lately, I love the new studio. No silly backdrops. Clean. Simple. Easy.