The winners are....

Audrey wins the $50 gift certificate for honoring her hubby with this image that she posted on Tiffiney Photography Facebook! Thank you Sergeant Joseph Morgan Thomas, for your service to our country. The winner of the free session is Sarah D. Here's a few bits of what she shared about her brother who's in the Navy.

"He has been to Iraq. He was there 6 months and broke his leg. It was only 3 weeks until his unit left and I remember him being so upset he had to leave them. They are like his family."

"...he began to tell me about the people in Iraq and how thankful and happy they were that the US was there helping. He said it's not like what you see on tv at all. He said that helped make his job better knowing he wasn't only helping the people in America, but worldwide. He said I make a difference everywhere I go and that means something!!!"

Thanks so much Sarah, such a sweet email about your brother and what he means to you! Message me your address and I'll send your gift certificate for a free session!

Again, thank you service men and women all over the world who are serving and have served. You're a blessing to us all!