Happy Veterans Day!

I'm so incredibly thankful for all of you who have sacrificed so much so we can have the freedoms that we have. I do NOT take it for granted having traveled to many different countries, I know for sure how blessed we are as a nation. Of course I have lots of heros in my family, but I'm thinking of one very special one today...my brother who recently joined the Reserves after serving in the Air Force a few years ago. He's a special guy. I love him so and miss him much. Thankful to him and his family for the sacrifices they are making right now.

So, in honor of all the heros who have served and their families I'm offering two special giveaways. The only requirement is that the winner MUST be active duty serviceman or woman, or a veteran, or someone in the immediate family, meaning brother, sister, mother/wife, or father/husband should be as mentioned.

$50 Giveaway - Post a picture of your veteran on my facebook business page. Winner will be chosen randomly.

Free Session Giveaway - Email me about your veteran or serviceman/woman. What makes them special? What's their duty? Character? What does he/she mean to you? Anything you want to write basically...I will choose the veteran/service man/woman who is the most deserving. (completely my opinion, no randomness)

Happy Veterans Day!

Entry Deadline is Sunday, winners announced Monday (provided the decision isn't too tough).