Mommy Monday | I love this age!

Yes, I love this age. She's so fun lately. Here's her favorite way to play nowadays.Inside the toy box/drawer. She will sit in there for 15-30 minutes and stay occupied. Kinda like it. haha! We also had her first dentist appointment recently. I thought I saw some teeth coming in behind her, already there, bottom two teeth. Thank goodness that's not the case. Doc said it's just her gums healing, and that it does look white, like something might be coming through, but it's not. Whew! I didn't mean for the doc and assistant to be out of focus. I was just in a hurry...cause you know...she's not a fan of strangers...which by the way I've been thinking...I'm not so sure how this Santa thing is going to work this year. We will see, I suppose.