Kelleigh & Morgan | Wedding 1-1-11

Kelleigh, outgoing and great with people, meets a gentle guy with a soft voice and a loving heart. A romance that happened perhaps by chance, if you believe in chance. I believe in things that were meant to be. If he could I'm convinced Morgan would jump over the moon for her, walk a million miles, sell all he has. This making it an easy decision for Kelleigh to "share his view" from his Detroit condo many years ago....I stole that little line from Morgan's dad's toast. haha!

Fast forward to this, the very first night of two thousand eleven, when they found themselves surrounded by close friends and family under the glow of candle light and strums of acoustic guitars. Here they made their vows to; honor and cherish, to remain faithful and true.

They'll not forget such a perfect night of love, celebrated. The years behind and the years ahead making this moment one of complete joy and a few tears.

Cheers to an amazing couple who have given me the chance to step into their lives to share this moment! I'm happy life brought you to this place of romance, may the rest of your lives together be just as magical. For sure Kelleigh and Morgan are "sweeter than a 5lb bag of sugar."

Click here for Kelleigh & Morgan's wedding event.

Photographer: Tiffiney Photography

Assistant Photographer: Kristy Williamson

Event Planner: Hullabaloo Events

Florist: Oakleaf Floral

Venue/Food: Old Edwards Inn, Highlands, N.C.