Mommy Monday on Wednesday!

Cannot believe it's been since the 17th that I've blogged! The holidays were crazy to say the least. I have since hired an assistant who starts really soon and I'm super excited. Hoping this will relieve some stress, sometimes if the little things are taken care of it can take a BIG load off...this is what I'm anticipating. So, Miss Sadie Mae, haven't blogged about her lately. LOVE her so much. She's so funny. Such a sweet personality and extremely, extremely, extremely...just in case I didn't say it enough, extremely strong willed. Wonder who she gets that from? She IS probably a child that could one day take over my business. Serious. I think she has that drive. Here she is being crazy in front of the tree. This picture taken after Christmas...and edited just now! That tells you how far behind I am. Sad, sad, but I'm playing catch-up like a mad woman, in between colds and stomach virus, ha!

I've uploaded some videos too on Youtube from the holidays, here's my channel if you want to take a look,

I got the Flip for Christmas, it's a lot easier than taking video on my camera. However, quality is sacrificed for the convenience for sure.

So last weekend marked a NEW year! Cannot believe it. I'll get back on the regular schedule of Mommy Monday and Wedding Wednesday as soon as I can get my breath. Cheers!