The Journey... continued.

In the event that you're unaware, I have a page on the blog that shares my story and beginnings. I've updated this page today and thought I'd make a post out of it, since I'm snowed in and have no editing software to upload any images! This has been good though. A time to reflect on this upcoming year, learning from the year behind....every business owner needs this opportunity...for that matter every person needs this opportunity. A quiet, still moment, to dedicate the year to the maker of it all. 2008 is long gone. Thought it might be time to update the Journey. God has been so good. The past 2 years have for sure brought bigger and better things. More things than I could have ever imagined. One being our little girl who's life is a complete miracle. Her story started here. I'm convinced her story isn't over. Honored to be her Mom, to watch her grow, to see what the Lord has done and is going to do.

There have been several crossroads in my life. Some which are mentioned in the first Journey entry. Kinda feel like I'm at another crossroads of sorts. Things with the business seem to be getting back on track since being out of commission with the baby's birth, but it's more than that. It's more than the new studio space. The new opportunities. I'm grateful, but it's almost as if I'm tiptoe-ing on the edge of destiny. There's many things I haven't shared about the things that the Lord has shown and spoken to me. The joy He's placed in my heart for people and cultures around the world. My heart's desire is to never be in a place of "busy-ness" that I don't see the path, the way to go, the opportunity He is preparing or opening for something greater. I cannot comprehend living without this purpose or hope in a promise He's so clearly spoken to me. Kinda feel like the years since I've started the business have been a bit mechanical in a sense, doing "this" while waiting for "that." "That" must be quick on the horizon because I've never felt such urgency to be guided by His hand every moment. Sure I loose sight here and there, I'm human, but I believe He is a God of the impossible. Full of compassion. luke 7:11-15 The world says He's not, but I believe He is. He's able to do more than we could even imagine. I believe I've only caught a small glimpse of what He has in store for me and my family's life. Love the chorus by Hillsong that says "the same power that conquered the grave, lives in me. Your love that rescued the earth lives in me." Here's to 2011 a year rescued by His love!

written:  january 2011