Yoga + Baby | Mommy Monday

Did you know that yoga with your baby, and baby massage can help boost your baby's development and also relieve stomach issues and fussiness? Yep, it can! I loved doing yoga with Sadie Mae, although I confess I didn't do it enough. However, I did use the massage techniques a little more often. I really think these things are so important that I want to share with you guys, my new mommy friends! This is by NO means a "certified" class. If I could find an instructor I would definitely have them here! Anyhow, please join me and learn some simple, fast, fun techniques for helping to soothe baby! Date: Sat., Feb 12th

Time: 9am

Length of Class: 30 minutes

To bring: A mat of some sort for most comfort, or a thick towel. Baby rattle or rings...something that will fit in your toes, I know, weird. Thick comfy baby blanket.

To wear: Comfy clothes that will easily let you bend.

*note: this class fits best ages newborn-6months (once they're mobile it's a little harder if you haven't been working with them already)

Bring a friend and you get a "15% off prints" coupon for your next studio portrait session!

Email me at and let me know you're coming so I can be prepared!