March for Babies, Seneca SC | March of Dimes

Hey ya'll! In April we will join with other preemies and march for babies in Seneca SC, in support of the fantastic work of March of Dimes. Click here for our Sadie Mae's Steppers March of Dimes page. You can join us for the walk or just donate! If you haven't met Sadie Mae yet, this will be your many people see us out and say "oh, I've never seen her in person..." haha! Come be with us!

Some of Sadie's other preemie friends will be walking too, Timothy and the ambassadors for our area this year Kristi and Jeff (Elly's, pictured below, parents). You're welcome to give or walk in honor of their sweet babies, too!

Thanks Timothy's mom, Tiffany, for linking us today. I thought this would be a good time for me to blog too!