Natalie | Tiffiney Baby

Welcome to the club Miss Natalie! She had on the tiniest little purple tutu....

The box pose is probably one of the hardest poses, especially with a one month old. Here's a behind the scenes look at what it takes, hopefully these girls won't kill me for posting. hahaha! A hiney-patter, paci, and mama's sweet whispers...that's what it takes my friend...and a few other things but I'm not giving away those secrets!

Lastly, you know I had to photograph this sweet baby with the "Rescued by Love" setup. Here's her sweet face with eyes wide open...Details are coming together for this charity event. I'm waiting for confirmation on a few things before I announce and it's driving me nuts! I really want to get the ball rolling but I know that when it all comes together it will be the perfect timing.