Finally had a second to flip through my new pottery barn magazine and found this frame that I absolutely LOVE! I'm all about some oval/round frames lately. www.potterybarn.com On another note, I've been gearing up for fresh veggie season! I've got my tomatoes started, they're growing quite nicely nestled in their little egg crate. Sadie Mae has enjoyed watching them grow. Thinking I'll plant my onions today. I'm trying to conjure up a space for a garden at our new home. The soil isn't great and we live on a hill so this is presenting a challenge. Just in case I'm not able to get something together I've been looking at local farms in the area who provide a share opportunity, pay a lump sum for weeks of fresh veggie delivery. There are also farms that provide free range chickens, and lots of locals that offer beef, grassfed beef. I love the fact that there's a free range dairy farm very close to my house offering dairy products of all sorts. I'm really tired of not knowing what I'm eating and I love supporting local businesses. So glad I've been able to find these things...if you're interested, you can find them too in your area, here's a couple links to help.



Gotta run...Sadie's carrying around Windex.........she's into everything......that's for another post!

UPDATE: I'm back for a sec. Wanted to share with you...while I'm sharing about things that I absolutely love...a new site Kelleigh introduced me to, www.house8810.com. There are no words to describe how much I love her store, and her DIY projects on her blog. So awesome!