Toot Toot

Time to toot the ole' horn! First of all....#5 on the Goal list, accomplished! I entered the South Carolina Professional Photographer's Print Competition over the weekend. This ain't your mom and pop photo contest, no offense. These are national judges on a statewide stage, my knees were knockin' back behind that black curtain (I was working the print salon). Maybe I should set the stage. The room is dark, there's a panel of judges sitting in front of a rotating board placed in the middle of a black curtain, lit by a couple of spotlights...which by the way are metered to a certain power.  A very controlled judging environment. Behind the judges, photographers and others from the state sit in complete silence waiting to hear print scores and judge comments. So, if you follow me on facebook, twitter, or instagram, I uploaded a pic when the triplets were on the turntable, this was right before they were judged. This was also my first print to be judged. I entered 4, and this was the only one to merit. It also got a judges award for the triplets, as well as for the family image below. Btw, one judge really liked my family image, and "challenged" the other judges but he just couldn't get any to agree to "up" their vote...for various reasons (mostly technical)... It WAS nice to have them argue over one of my prints, weird but it's kind of an honor to be talked about. You probably have to be a photog to understand...

I also entered a couple of albums. I'm so glad I did, because Jeremy and Carrie's wedding at the Chateau Elan in Atlanta last spring merited and was the highest scoring album, which also earned it first place!

It wasn't so bad after all. I spoke with judges after the competition and learned lots of things about how to improve/what to enter. I will definitely enter next year. You can't ever win if you don't enter...and you can't learn if you don't enter. The judges said some really nice things about my work overall, so I think it was a nice experience.

So here's to goal #5, DONE!