"To bring this world to life. To heal this heart of mine. Your grace enough. Your grace enough. To mend this world in need. To break the chains in me. Your grace enough. Now this means love. The weight of all our sins upon his shoulders. That we should all be called his sons and daughters. Let heaven and earth collide. In the endless wonder. Of your love upon the cross. We will follow. And offer this life forever. To see your love unfold. Adopted as your own. Alive to make you known. Now this means love. This means love...." -Father, Aftermath by Hillsong United I can't separate my love for God with this work I do. It's all one unit. It's who I am. I'll make no excuses.

It's a hurting world, but a beautiful and creative world that He will one day redeem.

I'm ready to take this show on the road...I don't mean to photograph beautiful weddings in every corner of the globe.........