Rescued By Love | A Charity Event

Note: all new blog posts will appear under this post for a while. The Inspiration: My inspiration for this year's charity event, Rescued by Love, of course continues to be my little girl, Sadie Mae. Her story here, just in case you are new to the blog. It's been almost 2 years, she is a happy, healthy, thriving little girl. I can't help but to think of God's goodness as I watch her learn to climb, use sign language, and play with her Daddy. In January I was thinking about this year's event, and all the things God has done. I was reading Luke 7:11-15 and was instantly struck by the compassion so surely displayed. I thought for a minute how this related to my life and quickly became overwhelmed...most certain that like the mother in that funeral procession for her son, I too was overcome with grief during Sadie's birth. Although we never "lost" Sadie Mae we were tiptoeing on the edge of what seemed to be devastating circumstances. It was in this moment that I know, without a doubt, God looked down, saw our tears, and raised her from "impossible" circumstances. He for sure is a God of compassion, and is so willing and ready to rescue us with His love. "Rescued by Love" is my thank you for what the Lord has done...for our hearts, and for our little girl. How he's given us eternal life, as well as an earthly life to share with her.

I'm beyond thrilled to finally announce the details! Remember last year's event Angels Among Us?  It's very similar, just a few things have changed. First of all tutu's, bow ties, gingham, creams, and browns with hints of red. That's the plan! Here's how to participate....

Sitting Fee: $50 for the first child, $35 for each additional child (siblings) *special discounts for Tiffiney baby club clients, past and present, please inquire. **NICU babies who participate, I will donate 100% of your sitting fee to the NICU

Booking is OPEN, call the studio at 864-647-2400 or email us at! After your sitting: Images will be posted online for ordering at 25% off the standard reprint pricing for two weeks. I will also choose one photo per child to be entered into the photo contest.

The photo contest will be $1 per vote. ALL vote proceeds will be benefiting the Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at GHS Children's Hospital. Prizes for the photo contest to be announced at the opening of the voting. You will NOT want to miss this opportunity for your child. To see last year's vote post, click here.

We will wrap up the event and announce the winners with a reception at my new studio! They'll be lots of fun things for the entire family as well as a check presentation to the NICU. I'm looking forward to partnering with my community, in my community, for this year's finale.

I am supplying the tutu's, shirts/bodysuits, bows and accessories for the girls (custom made by Froggy Oggy Boutique). However, you are welcomed to bring extra things such as leggings or headbands/bows that you prefer. For the boys I have a limited number of hats/bow ties, we can discuss the attire for your little man when you call. Girls and BOYS welcomed!

Sponsors Include: The Upstate Parent Magazine, Froggy Oggy Boutique, Hullabaloo Events, Lora at Tangles of Clemson, and The Grey Goose. If you're interested in partnering with us as a sponsor email me for info. There are several ways you can contribute and receive recognition!

Use the form below to give directly, your gift goes straight to the Bryan NICU, and you will receive a receipt for your giving.

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