Ryan & Brittany | Engaged

I LOVE my wedding package, because it includes a prewedding session. Serious, it makes the wedding day so much easier once I've worked with you, the bride and groom, beforehand. Come the wedding day, you know how I operate, I know how you operate and it's all smooth sailing. These two, precious. So incredibly sweet. Quite the posers too I might add. I just did a little coaching here and there, they acted like pros! I think I also found a new favorite spot on the mountain. The view of table rock at sunset is just stunning...we sorta found this spot by accident because our location of choice didn't pan out, I'm kinda glad it didn't.

These two will marry at my other favorite mountain top locale, Chattooga Belle Farm at one of the most beautiful times of the year, fall! I have several fall weddings and I'm super duper excited to trade hot summer weddings for cool, fall, goodness. Cheers to Ryan and Brittany and a fun, few more months of planning!