Mommy Monday

Wow what a week, last week! It was supposed to be spring break...and we had plans for a stay-cation, like camping or something. Ended up being a stay-cation at the doc and in the bed, at least for the hubs. Him and Sadie Mae both had that awful stomach virus. Of course, my plans for a week off also included me working at the studio some, with no sessions booked it was a great time to catch up on other things. Serious, if I ever want to take a vacay, I have to leave the town. It's ok though. My job is fun...most of the time. The weekend proved to be much better than the week, just in time for Easter celebrations. By far one of my most favorite times of the year this and Christmas. The meaning + the festivities with family = pure happiness.

Added into our Easter holiday celebrations was our BIG switch to cloth diapering! When I say big, I mean big. We attended the Great Cloth Diaper Change Guinness World Record event at Natural Baby in Greenville SC. Below a quick pic before the big change, from my phone. It was fun to see so many mommies cloth diapering! What a fun little community of people concerned with the environment and their pocket books. This event will go into the record books, and we were a part of it, so sweet.  Cloth diapering is really a great, much easier than I thought, way to diaper. I'm waiting on my shipment of cds (coth diapers) then we'll be 100% switched. Not to mention they're so doggone cute. It got so hot Sat we just took her skirt off and let her run around in the diaper and shirt, precious. Much prettier than disposables with cartoon characters, really. Do those characters really help sell more diapers?? Must?Looking forward to not buying diapers every week or so!

So onward to Easter Sunday. Needless to say we did NOT make the sunrise service this year, I knew it would be a long day just normal hours for Sadie Mae being as we had 3 places to visit after church, Mema's, Mimi's, and Granny's. We're lucky to have so many parents/grandparents living but it makes for a long Easter Sunday! That would be my disclaimer for letting her have all that candy, i.e. the sucker below. As if she really needs any sugar to keep her going.Hope you all had a great Easter weekend! Happy, happy to celebrate the rise of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.


On another note: This is one of my new favorite blogs I follow, What's your favorite blog lately? A fellow Mom blog, cooking blog, business blog? Do share!