Memories | Mommy Monday

We made fun memories this past week and weekend. First, we did a little strawberry pickin' at Hunter Farms with some of my girlfriends from high school. We haven't hung out, all of us together at the same time, since high school...and between us 3 there are 6 kids! Only 4 made the strawberry pickin' cut, haha! The kids really did great and loved pickin' and eatin' of course. Sadie Mae I think holds the record for consuming the most...I think she even ate the green part a time or two. I thought she might have a belly ache later, but she fell asleep on the way home at was almost as if the strawberries made her drunk....she'd wake then drift back off, wake then drift. I didn't put her straight to bed because I thought she might wake for good, but that never happened until the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say she slept in her strawberry stained onesie. Ahhh, who cares, right?? It's almost summer time, anything goes. Now, for a few pics of our adventure.


So, when you pick strawberries there's two things you MUST make. A cobbler, the old fashioned way (no pic sorry!), and Jelly...I'd like to make it the old fashioned way too, but I'm just not sure if it would turn out and I'd hate to waste the time and supplies. Anyone have experience with just mixing berries and sugar, no surejell? If so, do tell and share your thoughts.Here's the rundown of how to make jelly, so easy. Crush the berries. Add 5 C. to pot with one packet of surejell. Stir until a rolling boil. Actually...let the hubs stir while you take the jars out of the boiling bath (I like to heat my jars and lids). Once the boil is "on" add 7 ....yep I said 7.... cups of sugar. (note: this is why I might like the old fashioned recipe, it's a 1:1 ratio) Bring the berries back to a rolling boil, once the boil is "on" boil for one minute. Remove from heat. Fill jars. Wipe rims. Put lids on. Put in a slow boil bath, make sure water covers jars, with lid for 10 minutes. Take jars out, turn jar upside down (not sure why). Then I cover mine with a towel for a slow cool (that's what my Mom used to do). There you have it, so EASY and so delicious. These are iphone pics, sorry. AND there's no pics of me filling jars etc....when you get to that point, work time for pics.

I got my cobbler recipe from this book Smokehouse, Spoon-Bread, and Scuppernong Wine, it reminded me of the cobblers my Nana makes. Love this book and the history it contains about Southern Applalachian cooking, WHICH is the BEST cooking, I might should add.

Now, hop on over to Sat and we're walking 6 miles, Lord knows I need it after that cobbler! Yep, the March for Babies with the March of Dimes. Fun stuff! I made our shirts like any crazy Mommy might do. Sadie will kill me later for that getup. undefinedSadie Mae with Timothy...who I have to say Timothy's Troops has the BEST shirts NO DOUBT. They should have gotten the award!

undefinedundefinedThe front of her shirt is her hand and foot print. I'll put that one away for later. Yep, I'm cheesy. So much so I made pink and black flower accessories for my hair and her hat. *sigh*