And The Winners Are...

And the winners are...all of you! You guys did such an amazing job. I'm so proud to report that we raised $8500.00! This is more than double what we raised last year. I am just thrilled! The top givers, prize winners, were:

Haylee & Payton with a gift of $1091.00!

Emmi Kate & Hudson with a gift of $600!

Jacey & Joleigh with a gift of $497!

Lexi Mae with a gift of $458!


Other top givers were:

  • The Kieth family
  • The Martin family
  • The Kanagy family
  • The Drake family
  • The Schonfeld family
  • The Price family
  • The Rhodes family

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy summer schedules to attend the reception! We had a GREAT turn out....more than I expected...I suddenly realized my studio space is NOT big enough! ha!

Congrats to the Roach girls, our first place winners, on a job well done! You'll see their picture in the Upstate Parent Magazine later this year as representatives of the studio and charity event!

Please don't forget to thank our sponsors for making this all possible.