I'm Serious.

*UPDATE* The RBL Reception, open to all participants/givers/families will be Sat June 11th at 6pm. Winners revealed at 6:30pm. They'll be door prizes, snacks, a fun activity for the kids and a festival on Main Street. Please make plans to join us! We will also take a photo with a giant check with the kids for the local paper. GRAND TOTAL AS OF WEDNESDAY: $8100.00!!!

Just so you all know how serious I am about this voting deal. The goal is $100 per kid, if you give more, all the better...you'll probably win, or be in the running! lol

Anyway, I am giving a $50 gift certificate to the child (really mom), for every $100 that child raises. ...in other words, if a child raises $200 they'll get a $100 Tiffiney Gift Certificate, if they raise $300 they'll get a $150 Tiffiney Gift Certificate. There is ONE rule to these certificates, I can only accept 5 certificates per season so if you know you'll want to use your certificate for the fall you'll need to get on the books asap! ---winners certificates will be combined with already promised certificates, and increased if necessary.

Come on guys, this is the last weekend! Your money is going straight to the NICU. There are tiny babies in the NICU now, hanging on for dear life, literally, that need all the help and advancements technology and doctors have to give. This is your chance to help!

Your last day for voting online or in the studio is Monday by 5pm!!!!

My thoughts about our time in the NICU..."Those moments are so critical and unknown. Some ppl don't realize b/c Sadie made it look easy with all the good reports. BUT we saw her struggles with our eyes, how hard it was for her to just take a breath or eat a simple 2oz bottle. That's what changed my life."