Thank You & Your Invite

Thanks all for giving. Voting is closed, but giving is never closed. The form will remain up for those who still wish to give. It will count towards our grand total if you give by Friday, but will NOT count towards a photo vote. The votes have already been tallied! Btw, we are A LITTLE UNDER $2000 shy of $10,000! I'm amazed at your giving hearts. Thanks so much! PLEASE EVERYONE is welcomed to the reception on Sat at 6pm. We will announce the winners at 6:30 and we have a couple VERY special activities for the children to participate in. We will also have a few fun door prizes.

If you raised over $100 remember you get a gift certificate...I'll be handing out over 20 certificates. Make sure you come to pick yours up! Oh, and we have a special surprise for the kiddos at the end, at 7pm.

We look forward to seeing you here! Until then...we will be up to our ears in Modge Podge, crafting decor. hahaha!

Cheers!photo by