The Reception

Here's a quick photo recap of the night. In typical event day fashion, several things didn't happen. First, I didn't have a final confirmed total of donations AND I didn't have a big check for a picture with everyone. It was so funny because everything with this event had gone so incredibly smooth, or so I thought, until literally that Friday before the reception. THAT my friends is why you hire a planner...not sure why I was meant to learn this lesson because I've seen it time and time again and believe me, I know it's important. So needless to say I was quite frazzled and even forgot to mention at the grand announcement, for the kiddos to hang around because the ice cream truck would be coming for FREE ice cream!!! Ugh, hate I forgot that detail. However, it was kinda neat because I was just as surprised as the kids when I heard the music come around the corner. My favorite image from the night is Sadie Mae reaching for her first ice cream from an ice cream truck, on that very special evening, in the arms of her Papa. Typical first time Mom, sentiments. I know. The reception was so crowded, much more than in the picture above...this was after it thinned towards the end and I had a chance to pick up the camera. Lesson number two, hire a photographer. haha! Thanks, community for your lovely support. Looking forward to next year.