Amber & Clemente | Destination Wedding Mexico

Well, it's really not a destination to them, it's hometown! It was so exciting to travel to Mexico with great friends for the celebration of marriage between my bestie from high school and her sweet lovie. Here's some quick favs from our street shoot inbetween the ceremony and reception. One of the things I love most about latin culture....time is not a factor. Ahhhhhh. American culture needs to take a lesson....can't believe it's taken me so long to blog something of these! American males could also take a lesson in displaying affection....hahaha. Serious.Nothing like a true Mexican staircase, blue tile and orange walls, just as one might imagine.

This shot looks quaint, like an exclusive villa....

But here's what was going on right below them, we were actually in the city center of sorts.

The bride and groom total troopers, acting like the crowds weren't there at all, great models! This...probably my favorite image of my entire wedding photography life. Maybe it's the memories in combination with the photo? So funny!BEST of life and love to my Bestie and her hubs!