Community News & Weekend Mini-Sessions

SUNFLOWER MINI-SESSIONS: THIS Saturday is the weekend day for sunflower mini-sessions, if you'd like sunflowers later you'll have to schedule through the week. Hopefully they'll be no rain. Sessions have been rained out lately, and it's such a bummer! However, the backdrop is well worth the efforts and patience. Message me for info. These sessions are only $50, and you also get 15% off reprints. This will be the last mini-sessions of the year...I think...possibly something at Christmas as I'm pondering a "non-santa" year for the studio...I say that every year, I know! In other news: Our sweet town is gearing up for the 50th annual Apple Festival! There will be a signing of the charter on July 26th, with a community celebration at the Westminster Depot. Hotdog plates, apple pie and ice cream will be sold from 5:00 - 6:30. For more information call 647-7223.

The Apple Festival pageant has also extended the deadline to this Wednesday!

Looking forward to this year's festival and taking part in the downtown festivities, hoping for the win at the window decorating contest... and I might just try my hand at the apple baking contest this year too! You guys have any good recipes or window decor ideas??? Maybe I should consult pinterest?? ha!

Side note: I have lots of sweetness to blog in photos....