Craft Fan-atic

That's been me lately, a craft fan-atic. With a little extra...and I say that sparingly, time this summer I've enjoyed numerous projects from fabric and paper flowers to on to how to utilize all my fun Instagram photos. I saw this tutorial on a blog, but can't for the life of me remember it now, that suggested making tiny polaroids. So I gave it a go today, and I love them. Instead of printing on paper and putting magnets on the back, I printed directly onto magnetic paper. undefinedYou'll need basic photoshop skills for this...but copy the Polaroid image (email me if you want it) onto an letter sized blank page. Duplicating the layer to fill the page with empty Polaroids.undefinedThen import your images, placing them under the Polaroids and resizing to fit. Again, basic photoshop skills needed.undefined Print on magnetic paper, cut out, and WHA-LAH! I'd show them on a fridge if I had one in the studio.

Such an awesome way to use those memorable photos, instagram photos!  ...I have more memories on my phone than my actual camera!