Meet Brook, my assistant....and her belly.

So, there's been no formal introduction to my assistant Brook. Number one, had to wait to see if she survived the charity event.

Number two, she survived and still likes the job.

Poor thing. She hit the ground running. My thinking is experience is the best teacher, although I know that's a tough and sometime discouraging way to learn...she's been a real trooper.

As with any small business "personal assistant" title, not only does that involve the normal office duties, but she often gets sucked into other things, such as making crafts for Sadie Mae's 2nd birthday. Personally I'd like the variation. But I'm a creature of "change" not "habit." I think she shares the same quality. I hope.

So here's sweet Brook, with her baby number 3 on the way!

Brook Tid-bits

  • 2 boys and a sweet "probably spoiled" girl on the way
  • A lovely husband, who's shared his handyman expertise with the studio...since MY hubby bailed after the first studio remodel, I wore out my welcome with him in that department.
  • Into cloth diapers, and loves handmade gifts. (I'm tellin' ya, we're two peas in a pod)
  • Travels with a snack pack. Today's included: golden graham bar, pears, cheetos, captian crunch, pudding snacks, pb&j sandwich.

Now the mysterious "Brook" that signs your thank you cards and gift certificates has been revealed. Could not have made it without her these past few months! She's been such a blessing!

Hair & Make-up provided by: Palmetto Pout Make-up Artistry